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Our firm is committed to providing tailored legal solutions, ensuring a deep understanding of each client's unique situation. We craft strategies to address all concerns, aiding our clients through challenging times.

  • Divorce: Handling both mutual consent and contested divorces, including cases involving marital misconduct.
  • Annulment: Evaluating cases for potential annulment eligibility.
  • Asset and Debt Division: Expertise in managing complex marital estates, business interests, and property division.
  • Post-Nuptial and Separation Agreements: Assisting in reaching fair settlements and avoiding court proceedings.
  • Child Custody: Providing guidance in custody disputes, emergency custody, and custody agreement negotiations.
  • Child Support: Aiding in securing child support and modifying support orders.
  • Spousal Support/Alimony: Supporting financially dependent or lower-earning spouses.
  • Adoption: Facilitating private and step-parent adoptions.
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements: Crafting agreements to safeguard assets prior to marriage.
  • Domestic Violence: Defending the rights of both victims and the accused.
  • Name Change: Guiding through the legal process of name changes.
  • Dependency: Assisting in cases involving abused and neglected children.
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  • Wills: Our attorney specializes in drafting wills to ensure your assets and valuables are allocated to your chosen beneficiaries, minimizing tax implications.
  • Living Wills/Advance Directives: We assist in creating living wills or advance directives, empowering you to specify your medical treatment preferences in scenarios where you're unable to make decisions. Additionally, you can appoint a trusted individual to ensure your wishes are respected. Our attorney ensures that your healthcare directives are clear and legally binding.
  • Power of Attorney: In situations where you're unable to make decisions, we facilitate the designation of a trusted power of attorney to manage your finances and make critical decisions on your behalf.
  • Probate: Our attorney provides guidance through the complex probate process, assisting your loved ones in navigating legal challenges if your estate enters probate.
  • Guardianship: We represent parties in guardianship proceedings, crucial when adults with disabilities require someone to manage their affairs, with the Court appointing a suitable Guardian.

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